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A key driver to create the future of health in both personalized health and health equity is innovation, an innovation that comes from technology. Startups who are creating disruptive products and services are typically fueled by venture capital investors. But how can startups and investors align with future end customers to create the health ecosystems of tomorrow?

In this episode, I speak with Scarlett Chen, Managing Partner at Verge HealthTech Fund. Throughout her career she’s helped drive business growth as both an investor and through m & a.

During this podcast Scarlett and I discuss:

  • Defining HealthTech and why it is a necessary element for the future of health
  • About Verge as a fund and their focus on returns and impact
  • Trends and challenges in health tech investments from Verge‚Äôs State of HealthTech events
  • How to become a health tech / digital health success story
  • Thoughts on the next 18 months in HealthTech

About Scarlett Chenn

Ms Scarlett Chen is Managing Partner at Verge HealthTech Fund, a VC fund manager focused exclusively on impactful HealthTech startups at a global scale and at the early stage.

Previously as Managing Director at Prudential Corporation Asia, Ms Chen was responsible for Strategic Investments. Before Prudential, Ms. Chen worked at Anbang Capital as Global Head of Financial Institutions Group where she led a number of outbound investments in Europe and Asia.

Before joining the buy-side, Ms. Chen was an investment banker for over a decade, having worked at Merrill Lynch in the US and Barclays in Hong Kong, where she executed more than US$30 billion in capital markets and advisory transactions.

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