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Digital Therapeutics Edition

Ep11: How to Digitize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Other Non-Drug Interventions

The Most Studied Digital Health Company with Founder Peter Hames
March 9, 2021
Ep11: How to Digitize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Other Non-Drug Interventions
DOCSF 2021

When Peter Hames struggled with insomnia, he couldn’t get access to any treatment other than sleeping pills. Out of “desperation,” he said, Peter self-administered a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) course and within weeks was sleeping like a baby.

This experience—and his background in experimental psychology and technology—led him to co-found Big Health, a digital therapeutics (DTx) company whose mission is to “help millions back to good mental health.” With 53 peer-reviewed papers and 13 randomized control trials, Big Health is also one of the only DTx companies in the world with an evidence base of its size, rigor, and quality.

Join Eugene and Peter as they talk about the early days of digital therapeutics, Big Health’s unique direct-to-consumer approach in the UK and the US, and its deep-rooted commitment to clinical evidence and supporting science.

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