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Digital Therapeutics Edition

Ep12: Improving Symptoms of Autoimmune Disorders with DTx Solutions

A conversation with Mymee CCO Melinda Decker
March 16, 2021
Ep12: Improving Symptoms of Autoimmune Disorders with DTx Solutions
DOCSF 2021

As an engineer, Melinda Decker could have designed widgets or Styrofoam cups or even gone into winemaking. But her passion for improving patient outcomes led her to digital therapeutics, and eventually to Mymee, a direct-to-consumer platform that helps people with autoimmune disorders manage their symptoms.

Mymee recognizes that behavior change is hard, so they combine a user-friendly app and data analytics with health coaching, to help users identify their triggers and make long-lasting lifestyle changes that lessen the severity of their symptoms and improve their overall health. Since its founding in 2017, Mymee has collaborated on two publications and recently closed a funding round of $8.7 million.

Join Eugene and Melinda’s conversation about digital therapeutics vs. disease management and the path the Mymee team took to getting their solution off the ground.


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