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Ciara Clancy remembers the exact moment she decided to found Beats Medical; it was when she realized her Parkinson’s patient was 20 minutes late for metronome therapy because he was frozen at the door of the hospital, unable to take a single step. The metronome therapy, which helps Parkinson’s patients with their walking and movement, was only available in hospitals and via prescription.

So Ciara decided to bring the therapy to them.

Beats Medical turns a Parkinson’s patient’s phone into a medical device that gives live, visual feedback to help improve fine motor and gross motor skills, speech, and psychological well-being. Beats’ core technology has also been repurposed and deployed for other central nervous system (CNS) disorders and to help children cope with stress during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eugene and Ciara talk about some exciting recent developments in Beats’ product line, the evolution of their B2C and B2B models, and how Beats’ users have consistently driven the company to create better and more effective interventions.

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