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In this episode, we hear from Jenna Carl PhD, Chief Medical Officer at Big Health. Big Health believes in mental health care for all and that their digital therapeutics are safe and effective non-drug options for mental health.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Consumer Experience with Sleepio vs Daylight: Gain insights into the end consumer experience and how these solutions are designed to improve sleep and mental well-being.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy: Explore Big Health’s go-to-market strategy, and activating employers to reach upstream employees and achieve high engagement rates.
  • Deep Dive into the Relationship with CVS: Gain a deeper understanding of Big Health’s relationship with CVS, specifically regarding medication targeting.
  • Abandoning Direct-to-Consumer (DTC): Uncover the reasons behind Big Health’s decision to shift away from a direct-to-consumer approach and explore the implications of this strategic shift.
  • Clinical Evidence and Decision-making Processes: Learn about Big Health’s extensive clinical study basis and the rationale behind this approach.
  • Future Product Pipeline: Gain insights into Big Health’s future plans for additional products and the exciting developments in their pipeline.
  • Big Health and Pear’s Differing Go-To-Market Strategies: Explore the differing go-to-market routes between Big Health and Pear Therapeutics
  • Stand-alone DTx vs. Disease Management 2.0: Understand the merits and challenges of stand-alone digital therapeutics versus disease management 2.0

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