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Now, let’s turn to the show. Today, I have a great guest for you. I spoke with Amin Zayani, he is the CEO and founder of MedAngel which is providing a brand new solution to help protect your medicine and peace of mind. Amin was already an experienced innovator and developer working with sensors in other sectors before he turned his attention to solving problems in the healthcare space. Amin and I spoke while he was at his home in Berlin, Germany when he was in the middle of moving back after spending six months at the Rockstart Health accelerator in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Amin drops some great tips and insights into his experience developing a technology to address a need he spotted while maintaining his own health. In addition, Amin has also created a special offer for our listeners, so click the link to get a discount on his product as soon as they are available.

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Amin talks about his great experience at Rockstart Health, a six month accelerator program that takes place in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. They are opening again for applications for their 2016 program. If you’d like to apply to be a part of their next program, and experience all they have to offer you can find the link below.

Next up, in episode 3, we feature Stuart Karten of Karten Design, where he shares his insights as a product designer bridging both consumer and healthcare products for the past 30 years. To make sure you don’t miss an episode, be sure to subscribe through iTunes or Stitcher and while you’re there, please take a moment to rate the show. Until next time, keep innovating.

Links mentioned in this episode:

– Company: MedAngel
– Accelerator: Rockstar Health Accelerator
– Recommended Book: The Hard Thing About Hard Things
– Recommended Tech Tool: Slack
– Selected Charity: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
– Follow Amin on Twitter: @AminfiBerlin
– Follow MedAngel on Twitter: @MedAngelCO

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