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August and September are traditionally two of the busiest months for new births, which means that right now, there are millions of pregnant women dealing with all the complexities of pregnancy and preparing for the arrival of a child. With connected devices being used for everything from monitoring general fitness to tracking post-surgical recovery, you would think that there would be a solution to help pregnant women monitor and maintain their health through pregnancy.

And, there is.

I’m joined today by Juan Pablo Segura, he’s a passionate entrepreneur and healthcare technologist with a background in consulting and finance. He and his cofounder, Anish Sebastian, worked together at Deloitte before coming up with the idea for their company, Babyscripts. Babyscripts is a remote monitoring and big data solution used by doctors and pregnant women to detect problems much faster and deliver better care to improve birth outcomes.

Juan Pablo and I dive into the traditional standards for prenatal care, and how consumer-centric solutions can be deployed to enhance the interaction between patients and providers and lead to better outcomes. We also go into the analysis into economic incentives that exist in prenatal care that led to their ‘eureka moment', and how they created a commercial model that maximizes the benefits for patients and providers, and payers, too.

Babyscripts is in the news this week with their acquisition of iBirth – a leading patient-facing app that includes informative and powerful content about nutrition, exercise and more. We discussed this acquisition and how the combination of iBirth and Babyscripts will create an even more powerful solution that’s on track to improve the care received by millions of pregnant women.

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Today's Topics

  • The historical and current standards for prenatal care in America
  • The development of risk-specific prenatal care that is enabled through connected technology
  • How the latest American College of Obstetrics (ACOG) guidelines will drive new standards and practices
  • The reasons that led Babyscripts to focus on marketing to doctors and providers instead of directly to consumers.
  • The acquisition of iBirth and how it will improve and impact Babyscripts' growth

Links and Resources Mentioned

Lightning Round Answers

1- What is a saying, quote or phrase that motivates you?

“Ability is nothing without opportunity” – Napoleon Bonaparte

2- What advice do you have for others working to innovate in healthcare?

Use logic. Don't always listen to investors and what they tell you at a pitch meeting. And have purpose.  If you believe in your approach, in your business model, do not pivot too quickly.  Healthcare is too difficult to break into to just simply change your model based on what one person tells you.

3- What book do you recommend to our listeners?

The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America by Erik Larson

4- What’s the best tech that makes your life better and easier?

Genetic Screening Test

5- If I gave you a check for $5 million for you to invest in health technology today, how would you invest it?

I would re-invest it on grants to people that have the same focus as I do – creating products to solve problems in Healthcare. The only requirement is they should not be coming from Healthcare field.

6- We make a contribution to a charity in appreciation of your time on the show – what charity have you selected and can you tell us a little about what they do?

Muscular Dystrophy Association – MDA's legacy of progress has always started with families at the heart of all we do. For more than 65 years, we have been committed to saving and improving the lives of kids and adults living with muscular dystrophy and related life-threatening diseases. We are proud of our rich history and grateful to the dedicated families and supporters who have made today's progress possible. The victories of our past will lead to tomorrow's treatments and cures.

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