Kevin Lyman on Deep Learning, Startup Competitions, and the Woz

Our guest is Kevin Lyman, an extremely talented entrepreneur and computer scientist based in San Francisco. He's worked at various companies including Hasbro, Microsoft and SpaceX, and he's founded several companies of his own as well. Now he’s applying his ability to create leading products to the healthcare sector, and he’s the COO and Lead Scientist for Enlitic, a startup that develops deep learning products to make doctors faster and more accurate. Kevin is going to help us break down some of the details and capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, and explain the differences between machine learning and deep learning.

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Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a computer scientist to understand it, but with so many terms floating around for a set of technologies that is on track to be the most significant development of our lifetime – we need to peel back the curtain a little bit to understand them a bit better. Then we get into how all this is making an impact on healthcare, and how people and organizations are collaborating to create and implement the solutions.

Today's Topics:

  • The data problems and opportunities facing health organizations
  • The differences between AI, machine learning and deep learning
  • Enlitic's approach to gets critics on board to support their products
  • The regional differences that help drive the different responses to AI solutions
  • Presenting to Steve “The Woz” Wozniak at Cube Tech Fair – and winning €1 million in the process

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Lightning Round Answers

Q: What’s a favorite quote or saying that motivates you?

A: “Take pride in everything you do”

Q: What advice do you have for other innovators who are working to make a difference in health?

A: “Serendipity breeds innovation.”

Q: What book do you recommend to listeners and why?

A:The 80/20 Principle and 92 Other Powerful Laws of Nature: The Science of Success By Richard Koch


Q: What technology, tool or app would you recommend, and why?

A: An iPhone and these apps: Google Maps, Evernote, Slack, Skype, Audible

Q: If I gave you $5million to invest in healthcare today, where would you invest it?

A: General AI for healthcare research

Q: In appreciation of your time on the show, we make a donation to a charity of your choice. What charity have you selected? 

A: New Jersey Metro Chapter : National Multiple Sclerosis Society



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