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Eren Bali is the CEO and Cofounder of Carbon Health a San Francisco-based company that has its sites set on building the world's largest connected care network. Now, if Eren was just any aspiring entrepreneur entering the healthcare space, then the chances of reaching that goal would be very small. But Eren isn't just any entrepreneur – he's also the founder of what will soon be the world's largest school. He founded Udemy, an online learning platform, in Turkey and relaunched it in the US a few years later. He's here to tell us about his experience and how he's started from scratch in connecting patients with care in the Carbon Health healthcare network.

Be sure to visit Carbon Health online and visit their booth at HIMSS 2018 in Vegas – find them at booth 8700-38.

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Today's Topics

  • How the experience of building Udemy led to Eren's ambition in tackling some of the biggest challenges in healthcare
  • How Eren's personal experience in caring for his mother led to his discovery of ways to improve healthcare
  • What users should expect in their patient journey
  • How the development of leading software led to building their own clinic, and how Carbon Health plans to expand to serve patients across the US

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Lightning Round Answers

1- What is a saying, quote or phrase that motivates you?

“Isn't their survival more important than your pride” – Game of Thrones.

2- What advice do you have for others working to innovate in healthcare?

“Everybody always talks about how hard healthcare is. Actually it's not really that accurate. Healthcare is different, there are high barriers to do a lot of different services, but it's not any harder than any other market. I think people are getting unnecessarily anxious to get into healthcare.”

3- What book do you recommend to our listeners?
Sapiens – A brief history of humankind, by Yuval Noah Harari

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4- What’s the best tech that makes your life better and easier?

Apple TV

5- If I gave you a check for $5 million for you to invest in health technology today, how would you invest it?

Companies that take a vertically integrated approach in healthcare, and pick a particular condition (i.e. sleep apnea, diabetes, infertility) and I'm looking for companies that couple medical services, technology, software and even hardware to give better care for people with a very specific medical condition.

6- We make a contribution to a charity in appreciation of your time on the show – what charity have you selected and can you tell us a little about what they do?

Charity Water – 1 in 10 people lack access to clean water. We’re on a mission to change that.

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