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With summer in full swing and the second half of 2019 racing on, now is a good time to take a moment and give an update on some of the things that are happening now and some that you’ll hear more about in the months ahead. So this podcast is a little different – we’re calling this our first “State of the Podcast” episode!

There are four key topics that I’ll update you on and this will give you some insight on where we’re focusing our efforts and how we’re having an impact. I'll get through these points as efficiently as possible, and please do stick with me because I have some announcements towards the end that I think you’ll be glad to hear about.

1) Metrics – Our shows have had over 200,000 downloads, 15,000 followers across the primary social media platforms
2) Community – We've developed a network of Ambassadors and a global, engaged audience
3) Partnerships – dozens of partners supporting our growth, relationships and content creation
4) Launch of Health Podcast Network to feature other great podcasts that help advance health, care and well-being

We also cover the service mindset, and how we work to provide value through service to our listeners, partners and sponsors.

Thanks for tuning in and being a part of the community! We appreciate the time, focus and hard work you put in to help improve healthcare, and we are pleased to help develop connections and collaborations through the Digital Health Today platform. Please get in touch if there's something we can do to help.

Get in touch:
– Twitter @healthtechdan
– Email: dan [at]
– Join the Health Podcast Network at

Health Podcast Network

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Dan Kendall

Dan Kendall


As an engineer and business leader, I've worked to develop, launch and scale innovative products and solutions that impact health and wellness. As an entrepreneur, I know firsthand what it takes to start a business, build a team, and compete in the global marketplace.

On Digital Health Today, I leverage my experiences to help great leaders and innovators tell their stories and connect to users, investors and other stakeholders.

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