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Great design is key to creating engaging and rewarding experiences, however historically it has taken a back seat to other priorities in the development of health-related products. As consumer expectations and the adoption of technology increases, the demand is growing for effective health and wellness products that are also desirable consumer products.

To take on questions concerning the role of design in health and wellness products, services and solutions, I spoke with Stuart Karten of Karten Design. In this podcast, he shares his insights and experience in developing solutions in several product categories, particularly in healthcare.

Stuart founded his product innovation consultancy in 1984 to help companies use creativity strategically to establish market leadership. Today, his firm is one of the nation's premier product innovation firms and he leads a staff of 30 design researchers and strategists, industrial designers, and mechanical engineers. Karten Design continually brings the very latest ideas and innovations to the solutions they help develop for healthcare, and that’s because they work across industries and partner with leading medical device companies as well as consumer electronics and consumer product manufacturers to create extraordinary experiences between people and products. Stuart talks about the impact of rising consumer expectations on the development of healthcare solutions, and the evolution of the home as the health hub of the future.

Stuart and I spoke while he was in his office in Marina del Ray, California. Stuart gives us a peak into “salutogenesis” – if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, he explains on this podcast (and a link for more information is below). As a special resource for our listeners, Stuart has also put together a process guide on strategic front end innovation, and you can pick that up by clicking the button below.

Be sure to check out the slides from the session he hosted at SXSW last month where he discussed the home as the health hub on the future.

Links and Resources Mentioned

  1. Center for Body Computing, Dr. Leslie Saxon
  2. Axonics Modulation Systems
  3. Salutogenesis – Read more here.
  4. SXSW “Home, Sweet Home: The Health Hub of the Future”

Click here to download tips on Strategic Front End Innovation

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Lighting Round Answers

  1. Recommended Book: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
  2. Quote or Saying: “Keep your eyes open, and your mouth shut!”
  3. Recommended Technology: The “Lose It” app
  4. Chosen Charity: Donor’s Choose

Slides from Stuart's talk at SXSW: “Home, Sweet Home: The Health Hub of the Future”

Selected works from Karten Design

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