Welcome to Episode 7! In May, I attended the Health 2.0 conference in Barcelona. One of the many great speakers at this event was Pablo Pantaleoni, and he’s our guest in this episode.
Pablo Pantaleoni shares insights about growing an international business from Barcelona and San Francisco.

Pablo Pantaleoni is an economist and entrepreneur. He's worked for banks and brokering firms, specializing in international markets. He has worked for the United Nations, GSMA, Morgan Stanley, IBM and Cisco Systems. In his second year at University, he founded his very first start­up, which was an online platform for young European students offering a personalized search for places to live, language courses and internships. That business expanded to more than 40 cities in 14 different European countries. In the end, he decided to sell the company in order to finish his studies.

In 2011 he founded Medtep with his co-founder Jacob Suñol. Medtep is focused on facilitating lasting behavioral change by personalizing validated prevention and treatment plans. Clinics, patients, pharmaceutical and insurance companies all over the world use the platform. Pablo is the CEO of the company. Pablo has been recognized in the 30 Under 30 in healthcare by Forbes magazine in their 2016 edition.

Pablo is passionate about developing young entrepreneurs and he is the president of a non­profit organization with that aim.

In today’s episode we cover:

  • How his experience and drive as an entrepreneur got him involved in disrupting healthcare
  • How Medtep got started with their online product in 2012 by focusing on customers in private clinics
  • How Medtep engages customers and avoids pilots
  • Why they chose to move the company from Barcelona to San Francisco
  • How his company is embracing international opportunities while some US competitors are focusing on the US exclusively
  • The challenges of developing distributed/multi-national teams as a startup
  • How the sales process is key to overcoming challenges and friction when getting started
Pablo Pantaleoni - Medtep facilitates behavior change

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Pablo Pantaleoni's Recommendations

  • Best advice: “Build a life where you don’t have to escape – one that you enjoy every day.”
  • Selected Charity: EURORDIS – Rare Diseases Europe (http://www.eurordis.org/ )
Facilitating Behavior Change

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