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One of the things that we like to do on this program is bring an international perspective on the challenges that we’re facing in healthcare systems around the world. We’ve had leaders from California to Israel, and Finland to subsaharan africa, but even still there are huge parts of the world we have yet to cover. One of those major regions is Asia Pacific, and in this episode, we dip our toes in the water – pardon the expression.

While everyone knows that there are huge numbers of people in this region, there are also tremendous opportunities for investors and healthcare companies of all sizes. When I was at the Frontiers Health conference in Berlin last November, I spent some time with a friend of mine who lives in Singapore, and I invited him on the show to give us a little insight into the similarities and differences in the market, and how companies can be and are being successful. So, this episode is like a little APAC 101 summary to outline some of the cities, countries and strategies that are working as leaders and organizations transform health for the billions of people that live in APAC.

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Tony Estrella is an investor, advisor and global digital health expert. He has experience all over the world having lived and worked in Asia, the US, and Europe as a startup founder, investor and corporate innovation leader.
Tony works with companies who are developing solutions for Asia to change the face of cancer, human longevity, and population health by deploying leading tech in AI, Genomics, Blockchain, and smart devices.

Tony is a graduate from Wharton and got an engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He now resides in Singapore with his wife and daughter, and I can’t forget to talk about this – he’s a newly minted fiction writer. Tony has written a book entitled Comatose that is now available for purchase on Amazon and other book retailers. We talk about this project as well on this episode.

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Today's Topics

  • Understanding the APAC market, which countries are actively involved and opportunities and challenges
  • The key similarities between East and West when it comes to progress and investment in the healthcare system
  • The growth of health technology in the APAC market and the types of investments companies are making
  • How companies are responding to the massive healthcare demands from densely populated countries in the region
  • Where to start and how to effectively position your company when entering the APAC market
  • Lucid Dreaming and a brief introduction of Tony’s new book – Comatose

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