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Is there a new reality taking shape in the health sector?  No, I don't mean an alternate reality of fake news or alternative facts.  I'm referring to the use of new technologies that are being applied in clinical settings around the world.  In this episode, we discuss five innovators and the virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and Mixed Reality solutions they are implementing in healthcare.  These types of deployments are succeeding clinically and commercially, which is a promising sign for continued and accelerated growth.   Tune in to hear how these VR/AR/MxR technologies are solving real challenges and laying the foundation for what's coming next.

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Today's Topics (See each section below)

  • Dr Justin Barad of OSSO VR and his work in developing VR surgical training simulators
  • Dr. Brennan Spiegel of Cedars-Sinai and the use of VR to reduce pain in a clinical setting
  • Dr. Rafael Grossmann and the ability to accelerate development on Apple's ARKit and Microsoft's Hololens platform
  • Dr. Ned Sahin of Brain-Power and the use of Google Glass to train children with Autism to understand emotions, transition to new places and more
  • Prof. Shafi Ahmed of Medical Realities and the world's first Mixed Reality live telesurgery in 2017

Dr. Justin Barad and Osso VR

Dr. Brennan Spiegel of Cedars-Sinai

(And just for fun!…)

Dr. Ned Sahin and Brain-Power

  • Brain Power's Indiegogo Campaign for World’s First Augmented Reality Glasses to empower children & adults on the spectrum to teach themselves life skills for happy self-sufficiency.
  • Ned Sahin on LinkedIn and Brain-Power on Twitter
  • Brain Power's website
  • Podcast with Brain Power's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Arshya Vahabzadeh, discussing complex mental health and development disorders

Dr. Rafael Grossmann

  • Rafael Grossmann on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Rafael Grossmann's Website
  • Anima Res – specialist in 3D medical animations and interactive Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality applications with a particular focus on the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnological sectors.
  • Insight-Heart on the Web
  • Download Insight-Heart on iTunes and for Microsoft Hololens
  • Medivis – an augmented reality medical company with the mission to transform medical visualization through proprietary holographic rendering.

Professor Shafi Ahmed

DOCSF - Digital Orthopaedics Conference

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