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#069: Aging In Place with AI, Robots and Sensors

#069: Aging In Place with AI, Robots and Sensors

In this episode, we examine the problems faced by millions of people, their families, and caregivers, as they work to maintain their mental and physical health as they age. We look at new in-home technologies that combine Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics,... read more
#068: Artificial Vision. Real Results.

#068: Artificial Vision. Real Results.

Today, we’re taking on the problem of blindness and loss of vision.  This is a huge problem for hundreds of millions of people around the world who are legally blind or partially sighted. The number of people affected is set to increase as conditions like macular... read more
#064: Coffee Talk with Dr. Zsu Varga of Bayer G4A

#064: Coffee Talk with Dr. Zsu Varga of Bayer G4A

#GSD with Bayer G4A Accelerators, Dealmakers, and Generators We are proud to have such supportive partners that help make it possible to deliver this platform to innovators around the world. We choose our sponsors as carefully as they choose us.  We look for companies... read more

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