Ambassador Profile – Adriano Fontanari- Trento, Italy

Adriano Fontanari

Adriano Fontanari

Trento, Italy

Adriano Fontanari is a business analyst with a focus on digital health and healthcare management.

Adriano, welcome onboard the team as our Digital Health Today Ambassador!

    1. Tell us a bit more about yourself, your background and what you’re doing now.

      I am a business analyst and co-founder of a non-profit care management service for people with chronic conditions. I have a background in innovation management and economics. I am currently a Health Innovation Fellow at EIT Health.

    2. How did you get involved with digital health?

      I have always been interested in medicine and technology. I pitched my first startup project idea, a narrative medicine platform for people that suffer from a chronic disease, in 2013. Since then, I started getting more and more involved in the digital health community.

    3. Tell us about where you come from and some of the health and technology innovation that’s happening there.

      I come from Ziano di Fiemme, a small village in the province of Trento (North Italy). The local hospital administration, I worked for, is innovating the home care delivery, connecting GPs, Nurses, and Families. The platform has been developed using agile methodologies, a pioneering approach, for a public health organization, though. Anyone living in Trentino and interested in Innovation should know about Speck&Tech: a community of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and professionals.

    4. What are some of your top interests and what should people contact you about?

      I am interested in the use of technology in the prevention and management of chronic diseases. People should contact me if working on a project improving the patient experience, by reducing the workload of doctors.

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