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Digital Health Today shines a spotlight on global health innovation and the entrepreneurs, innovators, and organizations that dare to revolutionize healthcare.

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“Focus on the end user experience. If you don’t get that right, you’ll never get adoption.”

Neil Jordan

Worldwide General Manager, Health, Microsoft

“The first rule is don’t automate a broken process or throw technology on top of a broken process.”

Dave Chase

Founder, Health Rosetta Institute

“Get out of your silos, experience, play, mix it up with others in areas different to yours.”

Daniel Kraft

Founder and Chair of Exponential Medicine

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The Digital Health Today Podcast

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The Digital Health Today Podcast

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What Listeners Say

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Tyler Pugsley

iTunes Review, USA App Store

5 Stars

"If you’re interested in health, tech or both this podcast is for you! Dan does an amazing job of cultivating amazing guests and discussing the latest innovative ideas in advancing our healthcare system. Highly recommend this podcast. "

June 15, 2017

Patty Keiler

iTunes Review, USA App Store

5 Stars

"Fantastic podcast. The guests are leading experts who talk about innovation in real terms. The lightning round is refreshing and fun, too. "

May 19, 2017

Rajeev Singh

iTunes Review, UK App Store

5 Stars

"I love this podcast and this is very very inspirational for me."

March 13, 2017

Pomy for Health

iTunes Review, USA App Store

5 Stars

"Fell in love love love with this podcast when I heard the episode with Dr. Tania Boler. What a great interview of such an important product! Looking forward to future episodes and guests."

April 25, 2016

Anais Kegels

iTunes Review, UK App Store

5 Stars

"Really interesting topics and good range of people featured in these podcasts! The length is also perfect for that awful london commute. Keep them coming . "

Feb 8, 2017

Hannah Burrow

iTunes Review, UK App Store

5 Stars

"As a dentist who wants to pursue a career in tech I find this podcast so inspiring and relevant. "

April 3, 2017

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Digital Health Today Podcast

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Listen to Digital Health Today to hear leaders from around the world who are developing, implementing and scaling digital solutions for today’s health and wellness challenges. Learn about the latest advances, leading research and best practices for growing and scaling digital health solutions.

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Our mission is to share knowledge, stories and insights from the most inspiring and passionate experts in the rapidly developing field of digital health. We share ideas, strategies and experience to create and apply technologies that will reshape the health and wellness tomorrow. Join us!

Startups, Scaleups and Intrapreneurs

We delve into the experiences, perspectives and lessons from entrepreneurs innovating in health and wellness, and explore the important role of intrapreneurs working to innovate from within established organizations.

MedTech and Pharma

Existing models are being disrupted throughout the healthcare ecosystem. Tune in to learn how leading companies are innovating and adapting to address the changing requirements and expectations around the world.


As digital health companies continue to attract significant interest from investors, we speak to the leaders and organizations providing capital and other resources to make an impact in health and wellness.

Health Care Professionals

We speak with leading clinicians and professionals as they share their experiences and plans for the future.

Product and Software Developers

We reveal insights, tools and techniques that have helped to accelerate innovation and reduce the time to market, and review the ways to avoid or overcome obstacles.


We share insights from leading graphic, interactive, instructional and industrial designers as they create experiences and solutions that change the way we think about physical and mental health and wellness.

Women in Health Tech

Tune in as we speak with women working to create and accelerate change in the device, pharmaceutical and life science industries, and what is being done to empower the female leaders of tomorrow.

Patients and Advocates

We speak to the patients and advocates working to promote health, manage chronic disease, improve mental health and provide social care.

Regulators and Policy Makers

Compliance and policies play an important role in health and wellness, and we speak to the leaders who are working to accelerate improvement in local, national and global policies.

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We're always looking for people with new innovations, successful rollouts and great experiences.

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