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Digital Health Today shines a spotlight on global health innovation and the entrepreneurs, innovators, and organizations that dare to revolutionize healthcare.

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Our mission is to share knowledge, stories and insights from the most inspiring and passionate experts in the rapidly developing field of digital health. We share ideas, strategies and experience to create and apply technologies that will reshape the health and wellness tomorrow. Join us!

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“Whether you’re well established as a healthcare innovator, or just getting started as a catalyst for change – this is a must-listen podcast for you! Dan does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving digital health ecosystem – from leaders who’ve actually led successful innovation themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!”

August 20, 2020 –

JoshCrist, iTunes Review, USA App Store


Fresh ideas and expert perspective

“The title focuses on digital health, and that is the common thread between the always on-point episodes in this podcast. But the content goes well beyond technology, and addresses issues such as program implementation challenges in emerging markets and the impact of socio-economic determinants of health on health outcomes. Dan Kendall is an engaging and knowledgeable host. His guests are a great mix between leaders in the field – whose perspective reflects a wealth of experience – and emerging innovators who bring fresh perspectives and ideas.”

February 11, 2020 –

Z in NYC, iTunes Review, USA App Store

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We’re a group of health, tech, business, and podcasting professionals on a mission to connect people everywhere to the stories that empower, shape and improve what’s now, and what’s next, in health, care and well-being.

Amalgam RX banner - Enabling better healthcare decisions
From Summit to Success: Exploring the Exciting Developments in the Digital Therapeutics Industry In this episode, Eugene sits down with Megan Coder, Chief Policy Officer of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA). Tune in to hear the exciting and positive advancements taking place in the digital therapeutics industry following the DTA Inaugural Summit.