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Want to increase awareness of your product, service, event or brand? Working with Digital Health Today is a great way to reach our audience of leaders, innovators and decision makers. We welcome partners and sponsors who provide value to our audience and are aligned with our mission to accelerate change in health and wellness.

Digital Health Today offers a range of opportunities to position your brand and message across multiple channels. Get your message in front our audience through a variety of sponsorship packages that fit any budget.

Meet our Digital Health Community

Our highly-engaged audience includes entrepreneurs, clinicians, and innovative leaders who are working to bring new technology into practice. We call them the ‘Digital Health Community'.

We have thousands of loyal listeners tuning in to our show, and they take the companies that we support to heart. The Digital Health Community loves technology and innovation, and we work carefully with our partners to ensure we always provide a win/win/win for our listers, show, and the sponsor.

“Nearly two-thirds (65%) of fans are more willing to consider purchasing products and services they learn about during a podcast.”

Podcast Advertising Study 2016

Edison Research

Become a Sponsor Today

Download the Partnership Pack

Why Sponsor?

As a sponsor of Digital Health Today, you will:

  • Gain access to executives, clinicians, innovators and other professionals working to advance digital health.
  • Elevate your company profile, brand awareness and recognition.
  • Launch or showcase your products, tools, events, and services.
  • Connect with healthcare leaders seeking innovative solutions.
  • Increase brand awareness and recognition.
  • Generate new business leads.
  • Cultivate new connections and partnerships.

Promotional and lead-generation opportunities include:

  • Podcast sponsorship
  • Sponsored posts, white papers, and e-Books
  • Media partnerships
  • Contests and giveaways with prizes sponsored by the sponsor
  • Featured webinars
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Video and/or written product reviews and unboxing
  • Custom podcast production for your company, client or event
  • Social media programs
  • Email newsletters
  • …and More!

How to Sponsor the Podcast

Unlike other promotional opportunities (i.e. printed materials, events and display ads), podcasts are evergreen – meaning that your message will continue to be available no matter when the podcast is downloaded. Every day, we reach new listeners for the very first time, and that means they often go back and download previous episodes. Our guests share valuable insights that people want to know about, and those episodes serve as time capsules for new listeners interested in digital health. They also provide lifetime promotion for you.

In addition, your logo and link will continue to be displayed on the show notes webpage for every episode you sponsor.

Some options for sponsoring the podcast include:

  • Pre-roll or mid/post-roll (or a combination) where Dan talks about your company
  • Your ad and link displayed on the website alongside every podcast you sponsor
  • Product reviews of sponsor products
  • Special call to action such as a free trial, discount or special offer
  • Bespoke sponsorship packages for your event, course, product or company

We normally don't feature sponsors as guests of the podcast, however we are completely open to your suggestions on show topics. For example, a person from your company or a client could be a guest on a podcast for the entire episode if there is a good fit that adds value to our audience.

Ready to learn more?

To learn more about these and other options of how we can support your organization, download our Partnership Pack. You can also email us at sponsors[at]dhealthtoday.com.

Thanks for your interest, we look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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