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Aline Noizet – Barcelona, Spain

Aline is a digital health consultant, connecting the dots between the different actors of the ecosystem to impact patients’ lives and improve healthcare professionals’ daily routine. She is the General Manager of Salut 2.0, a Spanish association focused on building a strong digital health ecosystem through regular networking events. Previously, she was program manager for Bayer G4A (Grants4Apps) in Barcelona, United States and Berlin. She also served as Business Development Director Europe for Health 2.0, and was partner of eHealth Hub, an EU project supporting European SMEs to get traction, increase their visibility and facilitate matchmaking with relevant stakeholders.

Aline, welcome onboard the team as our Digital Health Today Ambassador!

    1. Tell us a bit more about yourself, your background and what you’re doing now.

      I’m a citizen of the world, passionate about digital health and connecting people. I’m a countryside girl from Champagne in France and I have a Master in English literature and a MBA. I love traveling and discovering new countries and cultures. Before dedicating myself to digital health I was working in an automotive company selling spare parts for trucks. Now I’m a digital health connector. I work with startups, helping them grow and connecting them with corporates, investors and other key players. I also work with corporates to help them adopt and implement innovation. I’m very interested in bridging the gap between Europe and the rest of the world, especially the US.

    2. How did you get involved with digital health?

      Through a random fortunate encounter with a passionate physician-entrepreneur with whom I did my MBA internship. My 1st day into the job was a conference in Madrid with 100 physician and nurse bloggers sharing best practices. That’s when I fell in love with digital health. Our relationship has been going on for 8 years and the passion is still as strong. When you get up in the morning, you know that you can have an impact on people’s lives and that’s priceless.

    3. Tell us about where you come from and some of the health and technology innovation that’s happening there.

      I originally come from France. A lot has been happening in the past few years in the tech scene, thanks to the support and incentives from the government. France has a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence and Neurological technologies. Another sign that something is happening is the increasing number of french venture capitalist funds dedicated entirely to health tech. 

    4. What are some of the top things other health innovators should know about where you live now?

      I live in Barcelona. Barcelona is a very vibrant city, ranked in the top cities to live and work and it really fosters entrepreneurship and innovation, with top ranked hospitals, adopting every time more technologies. The city attracts many engineers, developers and startup founders. Barcelona now has a hub dedicated to healthcare, Barcelona Health Hub. It hosts health entrepreneurs, corporates and investors, inside the amazing Sant Pau Hospital, a former hospital that is now a museum and real piece of art. That will for sure be a catalyst to accelerate even more the digital transformation in the healthcare sector in Barcelona. Make sure you stop by the Hub next time you are in the city.

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