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Noreen Butte, MD – Plano, Texas

Dr. Noreen Butte is a physician that bridges your health with the Healthcare Technology that supports it.

Noreen, welcome onboard the team as our Digital Health Today Ambassador!

    1. Tell us a bit more about yourself, your background and what you’re doing now.

      I am a physician that has been involved in healthcare technology for the past 20 plus years. I have seen this industry grow and change from its infancy to where it is now. I have learned a lot and applied that learning continuously. I have met hundreds if not thousands of leaders and worked side by side with them. It’s been a fun journey but it always seems like it’s just getting started!

    2. How did you get involved with digital health?

      I started exploring digital technology in conjunction with population health to reach out to customers that were using or would potentially use our products and then started exploring other avenues that digital health offered such as digital Therapeutics.

    3. Tell us about where you come from and some of the health and technology innovation that’s happening there.

      My family lives in the Netherlands but I moved to the United States almost 30 years ago after I got married. I went to medical school in Pakistan and got an MBBS degree (doctor of Medicine). I was originally going to practice as a pediatrician but got involved in health informatics field and found a natural fit connecting technology with clinical practice.

    4. What are some of your top interests and what should people contact you about?

      Implementation and optimisation of EHR, Current trends in technology, digital healthcare, population health. Pharma digital therapeutics.

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