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BOSTON, April 1, 2022Mission Based Media, a leader in podcasts about health, care and well-being, and YourCoach.Health, a leader in evidence-based and coach-led behavior change, today announced a collaboration for the development of a prescription-based digital therapeutic (PDT) to assist users in the development of high-quality health podcasts. The PDT will integrate multi-modal data collection tools and a machine learning infrastructure to combine personalized digital biomarkers and human coaching to optimize podcaster experience.

This strategic initiative is a part of Mission Based Media’s strategy to increase the accessibility, diversity and quality of health podcasts by applying digital therapeutics to support the podcasters who create them. 

Pursuant to the agreement, YourCoach.Health will apply their experience with health coaching, behavior change and software development to create digital therapeutic applications that enhance the motivation, knowledge and skills of people creating health podcasts.

Over 95% of the world’s population has never created a podcast.  As podcasting becomes a global force in communication, there is a large opportunity for digital therapeutics to address unmet podcasting needs. Most podcasting disorders, such as podcast-hesitancy or poor audio quality, are preventable or treatable, yet less than 15% of podcasters seek professional help. Of all adults of podcasting-age in the USA, 85% are afraid to get started and 75% report they are simply waiting for the “right time” to begin podcasting.  

“At the height of the pandemic, we saw a huge surge in the number of people who started podcasting. However, there are still some people who haven’t created a single podcast, or even been a guest on one.  At Mission Based Media we believe that combining digital technologies with health coaching offers an exciting new way to help people create and share high-quality podcasts,” said Dan Kendall, CEO and founder of Mission Based Media – the company that created the leading health podcasting platform, Health Podcast Network

“Podcasts by authentic leaders and health experts can help spread useful information and drive sustainable change in health, care and well-being. But health podcasts don’t just start themselves. People have to be motivated and learn the necessary skills to create them.  It requires support and behavior change, and that’s where the YourCoach.Health team comes in,” said Marina Borukhovich, CEO and founder of YourCoach.Health.

“Our agreement with Mission Based Media supports our mission to generate more great content that people can enjoy while exercising, preparing healthy meals, and participating in activities that support a healthier lifestyle.  The US market has a large unmet need, and there are even people who still listen to AM/FM radio – that just demonstrates the opportunity to fill that time with high-quality, evidence-based, human-centered podcasts,” said Eugene Borukhovich, COO and co-founder of YourCoach.Health

While this press release may be a joke, we take health and podcasting pretty seriously. 

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