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Digital Health Today Ranks #19 in Top 100 Digital Health Publications

Onalytica looks at individuals, brands and publications that are leading the social media conversation around health tech. They analyzed over 812,000 tweets that contained several key words and combinations such as HealthTech OR ((Health) AND (Tech OR Technology)) or “digital health” OR digitalhealth. The tweets were analyzed over the period January 1 to  June 25th 2017.

Based on the outputs of that analysis, Onalytica identified the Top 100 Most Influential Accounts leading the digital health discussion. The rankings were classified in three influencer categories: individuals, brands and publications.  Onalytica identified that the number one influencer on digital health is John Nosta (Twitter @JohnNosta).  John is the president of NostaLab, a digital health think tank. He also serves on the faculty of Singularity University and serves on the Google Health Advisory Board. He contributes to Forbes and Psychology Today.

Other top influencers in the top 5 included Berci Meskó, MD, PhD of the Medical Futurist, Natasha Loder of the Economist, Christina Farr of CNBC, and Eugene Borukhovich of Bayer (Tune in to our podcast with Eugene here).

Digital Health Today made its debut, in the first year it qualified, positioned at number 19 in the top digital health publications alongside other well-known publications including MobiHealthNews (#1), The Economist (#2), Medcity News (#3), HIMSS (#4) and The Guardian (#5).

Dan Kendall, managing editor of Digital Health Today and host of the popular Digital Health Today podcast, said “We are thrilled to make a positive impact on the conversation about digital health, and to have our platform recognized in this ranking.  We owe our success to our listeners, guests and supporters who have helped inspire, create and share the success of the innovators and innovations that make the health tech of tomorrow available today.”

Download and read the full report on Onalytica’s website

Graphics courtesy of Onalytica

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