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JPM Healthcare Conference, January 13-16, 2025

The JP Morgan 43rd Annual Healthcare Conference will take place January 13-16, 2025 in San Francisco, CA, USA.

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

What is the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference?

The JP Morgan Healthcare Conference will be held January 13-16, 2025, in San Francisco, CA. Often referred to simply as ‘JPM’, ‘JPM Week’, or ‘JPM Healthcare’, this is an annual event that is considered one of the largest and most influential gatherings in the healthcare and life sciences industry. Centered around the global financial services firm JPMorgan Chase, the JPM conference is held in January in San Francisco, California.

Although many people say they ‘go to JPM Week,’ most never step foot into the actual JP Morgan conference held at The Westin St. Francis Hotel on Union Square.  About 8,000 – 10,000 attendees register to attend the JP Morgan Healthcare conference, however this signature event is for clients of JP Morgan and attendance is by invitation only.  

The main reason many people travel to San Francisco in January is to participate in the numerous meetings and parallel events that take place across the city’s downtown. These meetings start before the main JPM events and run throughout the week, offering a diverse range of discussions and presentations from various organizations. 

In 2025, you can attend events organized by companies such as McKinsey, FINN Partners, BCG, STAT News, KPMG and many others. In the past, notable entities such as the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), the Stanford Medicine Big Data in Biomedicine Conference, Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco (DOCSF), and the MedTech Conference have organized satellite events.  The information-packed days are followed by networking-nights, as over a hundred private receptions are held in venues across the city.  Leading law firms Wilson Sonsini and King & Spalding typically host invitation-only receptions at venues like the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  

Despite JPM Week’s historic popularity, factors like crime, high hotel costs, limited meeting space, and typically poor weather have prompted some organizations to rethink their investment and attendance. This has created opportunities for other organizations and events to lure the attendees and interest of healthcare innovators and executives.  One notable example, StartUp Health, hosted its annual “StartUp Health Festival” in conjunction with the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference through 2020, before relocating it to participate with other major healthcare events, specifically ViVE and HLTH.

Why is JPM Week important?

Regardless of whether you have secured an invitation to the exclusive conference or not, there are compelling reasons to consider planning a visit to San Francisco in January. With top healthcare executives, investors, and innovators gathered in one place, the JPM Conference and satellite events play a crucial role in shaping the agenda for the healthcare industry by providing a platform for key stakeholders to exchange ideas, foster collaborations, and stay informed about the latest developments in healthcare and biotechnology.

Who attends?

The official JPM Conference held at The Westin St. Francis Hotel is invite-only, but thousands of professionals from the healthcare and life sciences sector make the journey to San Francisco to participate in the adjacent events. Many of these are accessible to the public, but most require registration in advance.  Attendees include:

  • Executives from major healthcare, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies
  • Investors, private equity firms, venture capitalists, and other financial professionals
  • Analysts and equity research professionals
  • Innovators, Entrepreneurs and leaders of start-up companies in the healthcare and life sciences space
  • Service providers, such as professionals from law firms, public relations agencies, consulting firms, and other service providers in the healthcare industry
  • Government representatives from regulatory agencies and government bodies
  • Journalists from media outlets covering the healthcare and biotechnology sectors 

What takes place?

During JPM Conference week, a variety of additional events, meetings, and networking opportunities take place in and around San Francisco. This week has become a significant time for the healthcare industry, extending beyond the official JPM Conference. Here’s a brief overview of what typically happens around JPM Week:

  • Satellite Events and Conferences: Other healthcare conferences cater to a broader audience and provide platforms for companies not presenting at the JPM Conference.
  • Investor and Partner Meetings: Companies arrange private meetings, investor briefings, and partnership discussions outside the formal conference framework.
  • Networking Events and Receptions: Various organizations, companies, and groups host receptions, dinners, and networking events. 
  • Start-up Showcases: Emerging companies, especially start-ups, often use this week to showcase their innovations and seek funding or partnerships. 
  • Panel Discussions and Workshops: Numerous panel discussions and workshops focusing on current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the healthcare sector.
  • Announcements and Media Coverage: There’s extensive media coverage of the events, company news, and major industry trends.

Where should I stay?

The main JPM Healthcare Conference takes place at The Westin St. Francis Hotel, however, rooms are often booked out a year in advance and prices soaring into the thousands. That’s why people look at Airbnb and VRBO in the area.  Alternatively, and Expedia offer more affordable hotel options. But don’t forget to weigh the cost savings against potential expenses for taxis and Ubers to commute to various events.

Should I stay or should I go?

Despite the significant costs, historically poor weather, and the time spent in transit, the JPM Conference remains an undeniable force for the healthcare and life sciences industry.  This unparalleled gathering of healthcare and biotech leaders showcases the enduring power of collaboration and innovation, shaping the future of healthcare.  However, as conferences surge in the post-pandemic era, there are many other options where you can connect with innovators, leaders and investors. If you do decide to attend, plan on booking your reservations early, make a plan for your week, and be prepared to pay high prices for everything from hotels to coffee, understanding that you’re investing in an event that is helping to shape the future of healthcare.


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