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In this episode, Farid Bidgoli – a self-proclaimed science geek – shares his unique perspectives for creating healthcare improvements within these four diverse countries in Southeast Asia with a combined population of over 140 million people.  Learn how the connection with digital health earlier in his career serves as a motivation for partnering with companies to define new ways for delivering healthcare interventions. 

  • Why Farid is so excited about the diversity of opportunities in these countries
  • A description of Roche’s 10-year vision for improving healthcare
  • How Roche can evolve and be part of a broader ecosystem to solve broader healthcare challenges
  • New consumer journeys in ophthalmology with digital health
  • How Roche supporting health system improvements through its FutureProofing Healthcare initiative

Farid is a purposeful leader focused on addressing governmental and societal challenges in delivering equitable and sustainable healthcare through systems change and the adoption of innovation. He has over 20 years of multi-disciplinary experience working in the Life Science Industry and has a passion for Digital Health, specifically the use of AI in diagnostics, clinical decision support, population health management as well as the role wearables and biosensors play in Personalizing healthcare.

Today, Farid is the General Manager of Roche Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. He focuses on creating a diverse and enabling culture to drive individual learning through experimentation and failure. Prior to Roche, Farid was with MSD, leading global digital solutions and executive partnerships with Verily, Microsoft, Amazon and GE to develop scalable digital health solutions with payers such as the NHS, Beijing Bureau of Health and Aetna International. He is a proud father of 3 and a children’s author.

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