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Value-based healthcare aligns the incentives of patients, providers, and payers to deliver better health.  In Asia Pacific, provider groups have traditionally operated on a cash or fee-for-service model.  This structure puts pressure on public health systems.     


In this episode, we’ll learn:

  •  Why it is challenging to achieve value-based healthcare
  • The opportunity for a digital gateway to engage individuals
  • What ecosystem is required to achieve value-based healthcare including public and private partnerships
  • How clinical expertise + technology leadership are required to stitch this ecosystem together

Dr. Patel moved to Singapore from the US in 2008 to found and lead the healthcare team at the Chandler Corporation, a multi-billion dollar investment fund. Prior to practicing law at Cravath, Swaine & Moore, LLP in New York, Dr. Patel received an MD and a JD from Columbia University and served as a Clinical Fellow at the Harvard Medical School.

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