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For more than 20 years, Stanley Li has built an impressive set of solutions for the China market.  With more than 2 million doctors as customers and millions of consumers engaging with their offerings, DXY is one of the largest health services companies in the world. 

Stanley graciously sat with me and shared many lessons over his journey to solve challenges ranging from:

  •  Physician education
  •  Online and offline community building
  • Adapting to changing needs as China grew to become a digital-first economy
  • Stretching the mission of DXY from sick care to prevention
  • How he builds trust with his customers
  • Future partnership priorities


Stanley (Tiantian) Li has a Master degree in Tumor Immunology and is a visiting professor of the Second Military Medical University in China. He co-founded DXY (the largest physician social network in China) in 2000. To date, DXY has raised over $680 million in funding, and it’s most recent funding round, led by private equity firm Trustbridge Partners has raised $500 million. Read more about it here.

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