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LSI USA '24 - Partner on the Pacific with the Leaders Building Medtech

In this episode, I speak with Dan Kendall, founder of Digital Health Today, to reflect on highlights from this season and preview what we will cover in Season 2 of Digital Health Today, Asia Pacific Edition.

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“What are the opportunities out there for people to live in good health, to be independent, and to be dignified? This goes across technologies, housing models, and service innovations.”

Janice Chia, Ageing Asia

”In a healthcare ecosystem, party interests– of patients, health providers, funders, government and private insurance– are not aligned. This results in a lack of help for patients to find the treatment they need, and funders cannot intervene early enough to help keep costs under control.”

Xing Sun, AXA Next Business Innovation Centre Asia

”On average across Southeast Asia, you know, patients will actually visit a pharmacy almost 12 times a year, but when they visit a physician, it’s almost 1.2 times a year, right. So when you look at this, this becomes an incredible touch point in terms of patient population.”

Farouk Meralli, CEO of mClinica

“When we started out in March, telemedicine was completely illegal in India; there was no way you could tele-consult and give a prescription. So the first telemedicine guidelines were brought out by the government on March 25, 2020. Before that, everything was completely illegal in fact, but the government responded very quickly, considering the pandemic was there. And now everything is well established, and there are clear cut guidelines and rules…within a matter of months, we were doing about 35,000 consults across digital health every month.”

Shuchin Bajaj, Founder and Director for Ujala Cygnus

“We should not use our own mentality or our mindset to replace users’ mindset. Sometimes it’s pretty frustrating, because we know we are smarter than them, but you cannot replace them. You have to think in their own way. You have to think of yourself as the user, not yourself. You have to pretend to be a pregnant mother, who just has a high school education, and figure out what her mindset would be.”

Stanley Li, CEO and Founder of DXY

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