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In this episode, we speak about the global challenge of mental health. With COVID, the WHO is predicting that “the mental health impacts of the pandemic will be long term and far-reaching.” Everyone can be affected, including caregivers and clinicians.

Nawal Roy is CEO of Holmusk, a leading startup helping address the global challenge of mental health through their real world evidence platform.

In our conversation, we cover the following topics:

• Understanding the main categories for mental health

• Similarities of mental health challenges in APAC and around the world

• Areas of opportunities for digital health

• The current status and future needs of evidence to unlock clinical innovations

Nawal Roy (Founder & CEO, Holmusk)

Nawal Roy is Founder and CEO of Holmusk, bringing more than fifteen years of finance and strategy consulting experience to the helm of the company. After seeing first-hand the transformation of the finance sector driven by data and technology, Nawal decided to focus on helping transform healthcare in the same way. There is an urgent need for more behavioral health evidence and this need is what spurred Nawal to start Holmusk. Nawal carves out the strategic direction of Holmusk, leading from the front with round-the-clock hustle and infectious energy.

Prior to this, Nawal was Co-Founder and CEO of HelloPay (Rocket Internet venture), and a Junior Partner at McKinsey & Company. He has served as a World Economic Value-Based Healthcare Steering Committee and co-founded Galen Growth Asia – The Asia Health Tech Connector. Having enjoyed a global career spanning from New York to Tokyo, his close involvement with markets across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, India, and China yields uniquely diverse experience in building next generation global companies.

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