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Across Asia Pacific, one persistent challenge is the digital readiness of a health system. Some are more ready for Health Tech than others. The ones that are most prepared have significant adoption of technology, data standards, and processes that embed tech-based solutions into healthcare.

In this episode, I’m joined by Shigeto Miyamoto, Head of Digital Marketing for BMS in Japan, and a life-long evangelist for driving technology innovation. In our conversation, we take a deep dive into the current digital readiness in Japan. And while the discussion is specific to one country, the insights from our discussion can be applicable to other health systems.

Topics we discuss include:

• Cultural reasons why paper-based processes are still prevalent

• Gap between the desire to innovate and barriers including regulatory

• The impact of COVID on the use of smartphones, telemedicine, and EMRs

• Cultural views on privacy and data

• The hopeful future for Digital Health in Japan including AI and IoT / Smart Devices

Shigeto Miyamoto

Based in Tokyo, Shigeto Miyamoto is an experienced digital marketer and thought leader for how technology is driving disruptive innovation in Japan.  Shigeto is currently the Head of Digital Marketing at BMS Japan, where he is the lead for engagement strategy, contents capabilities, and marketing technology.  He has previously worked in insurance at MetLife Japan and held other technology-centric roles at both global enterprises and startups.

His career choices are driven by a mission to solve the medical and digital disparities for patients. Shigeto is best known for inspiring marketers to tackle challenging problems through agile thinking and iterative product creation.

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