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Globally, the insurance industry is rapidly changing with the increasing use of technology throughout the value chain. And because individuals in Asia Pacific tend to buy and use health insurance from life insurers, the need for data, customer engagement, and digital transformation is particularly essential.

In this episode, I speak with Paul Hughes, the Head of Asia Pacific for UnderwriteMe. Paul and I first worked together at MetLife Asia many years ago, and he has worked across Asia Pacific for many other private insurers. In his current role, he is at the epicenter of the change spurred by technology and data, including digital health.

In this episode, we discuss:

β€’ The structure of the typical insurance, from sales to operations

β€’ How technology and data are changing the way insurers need to operate

β€’ The role of digital tools including health and insurtech

β€’ The future of underwriting

Paul Hughes

Paul leads the Asia Pacific team at UnderwriteMe, a leading provider of underwriting automation solutions that helps insurers transform their new business process. He is responsible for creating and leading the growth strategy for the business in Asia Pacific and ensuring client success. With over 25 years of experience in the life and health insurance industry in Asia Pacific, he had held senior roles in Underwriting, Claims, Operations, Product and Marketing with leading insurers and reinsurers such as Swiss Re, Aviva, AIA, and MetLife.

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