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Asia Pacific Edition

S2.E1. Improving the health of Asians through microbiome and personalized nutrition with Jeremy Lim from AMILI

Understanding the science of Microbiome and why it matters for APAC
September 15, 2021
S2.E1. Improving the health of Asians through microbiome and personalized nutrition with Jeremy Lim from AMILI
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In this episode, we start our journey for Season 2 where we explore the challenges facing APAC that can lead to innovative solutions powered by Digital Health.

Jeremy Lim is a renowned health policy expert and CEO of AMILI, the first gut microbiome lab in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Through the lens of population health and public policy, Jeremy and I discuss the need for personalised nutrition and why it can improve health outcomes.

Our conversation covers:

• The need for an Asia-based pool of data on nutrition based on the unique cultures and food choices found across the region

• Why personalised nutrition is another reason for public health to innovate beyond a “one-size fits all” approach

• The challenge of successfully using nudging behaviours to improve health outcomes

• When is the optimal time to understand your microbiome?

Assoc Prof Jeremy Lim is Co-founder and CEO of AMILI, the region’s first precision gut microbiome company which is building up the world’s largest multi-ethnic Asia database of microbiome sequences and associated data. He brings diverse and unique perspectives into this role as a startup founder, having spent substantial time in public and private healthcare across Asia as well as in policy advisory with Singapore’s Ministry of Health, the World Bank and the World Health Organization.

He is also director for global health in the NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health. Outside academia, Jeremy serves on the boards of various for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in different aspects of healthcare including migrant worker health, end of life care and digital health interventions. He trained in surgery and public health, attaining post-graduate qualifications in both from the UK and US. 

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