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In this episode, we chat with Professor Shafi Ahmed about virtual reality and its application to democratize surgical training and surgical care.

Through virtual surgeries, Dr. Ahmed is changing the medical approach to technology. Digital surgery is one of Dr. Ahmed’s main focus points. This has been something that hasn’t been around for long. He also discusses extended reality and technology specialties in the healthcare field. 

Join the first episode of Digital Health 101 and discover the world-changing power of virtuality and tech in medicine!

About Shafi Ahmed 

Professor Shafi Ahmed is a multi-award-winning surgeon, teacher, futurist, innovator, and entrepreneur. He is a 3x TEDx and an international keynote speaker. Prof. Ahmed is faculty at Harvard Medical School, Bart’s Medical School, Imperial College London, Queen Mary University, Bradford University, and Singularity University, where he teaches medicine, innovation, and digital transformation. 

He is currently a member of the NHS Assembly advising on the long-term plan. He was previously an advisor to the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Health to help deliver innovation and digital Health and is the Vodafone UK Connected Health Ambassador.

Key Take-aways 

  • Extended reality is a concept referring to every combined (real and virtual) environment. 
  • Digital surgery is still an innovative strategy. 
  • People, specifically students, get more engaged when innovative tools are used.
  • In VR and AI, one little piece becomes part of a more extensive structure for learning. 
  • Technology will highlight gaps that we can’t see right now in surgery. 

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