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Todd Johnson’s work has always been about how we can make a patient’s experience more continuous. One of the most significant opportunities Todd recognizes in the use of these integration systems is behavior change. Information processing may be overwhelming, and this is why moving to digital systems will make this easier. The outcome is a win-win relationship for both patients and medical staff. Patients will have better clinical experiences; meanwhile, the team will save time. 

Patient engagement is increasing over time with these technologies. Tune in to this episode to know much more about where we are headed. 

About Todd Johnson

Todd Johnson is a serial entrepreneur committed to building innovative products that engage patients and connect them to their care teams. He builds strong companies on products that address market needs and offer long-term strategic potential from great ideas.

He is leading HealthLoop’s evolution to become the foundation for GetWell Loop™ and managing the acquired Mountain View, Calif. office. Once the integration process is complete, his focus will influence GetWell Loop’s product development and sales strategy. 

Todd holds a Bachelor of Administration in computer science from Cornell University.

Key Take-aways 

  • The gold standard in integration is to have all the information and data from a patient available. 
  • Integration and Data systems create a win-win relationship. 
  • This transformation in-patient care requires leadership and a change in how we think about it. 
  • When deploying this technology, patient engagement was variable. 
  • Patients will use these apps when it’s a way to communicate with the medical team instead of following instructions from it. 


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