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For this special Coffee Talk, I invited Sophie Park, Chief Strategist for Bayer G4A Partnerships to discuss the opportunities for innovative companies to grow and partner with a global pharma company.

The Bayer G4A program has continued to grow and succeed since 2013, and it has evolved to adapt to changing market forces, new business priorities and the unprecedented acceleration of innovation that has taken place at the intersection of health and technology. 

One of the challenges when an organization has a long history of success like that is that people begin to automatically associate what they knew about the program in previous years, and then overlay that to make presumptions about what the program is like this year.  For example – a lot of people think that G4A is simply an accelerator for early stage startups. In actual fact, they also have a very powerful partnership program which is designed to attract companies that can participate in joint ventures, commercial partnerships or even majority investments.  

In this episode, we dispel some of these myths and give more insights on the progress and success of the G4A program and family.

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