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My guest today is Dr Ashish Atreja. He is an Assistant Professor and the Chief Technology Engagement and Innovation Officer, Department of Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in Manhattan. He is an intrapreneur with over 10 years experience in informatics education and research.   Dr Atreja is also the director of the AppLab at Mount Sinai hospital, and he is concerned about the lack of a robust body of digital health evidence. 

In this podcast he shares his vision for addressing that need through collaboration, and he has set up a new data sharing initiative called NODE Health that encourages organizations to share their own digital health pilot data. NODE Health stands for Network Of Digital Evidence in Health, and he talks about what it is, how to participate and how it is working to become the academic home for evidence in digital medicine.  

Today’s Topics:

  • Dealing with web platforms and improving their efficiency
  • Using mobile technology as an engagement tool
  • NODE health and its goals
  • Icahn School of Medicine and its partnership with Apple (App Lab)
  • Process for finding clinical champions for mobile technology
  • Biggest failure/limitations in mobile technology adoption
  • Dealing with inherent biases in pilot programs
  • Creating successful apps for patients and clinicians alike
  • Focusing on the financial return of apps
  • Launching NODE Health and the guiding principles of successful partners
  • How an organization can be a part of the NODE Health program
  • How individuals can contribute to NODE Health

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Contact Info: Dr Atreja on Twitter: @atreja   

Recommendations Book: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Tech Tool: Facetime


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