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S11: #101: Creating a Nurse-led, Grassroots Effort to Provide PPE

Rebecca Love joins forces with Lenny Kravitz and GLO Good Foundation to get PPE for the frontlines
April 7, 2020
S11: #101: Creating a Nurse-led, Grassroots Effort to Provide PPE
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There’s a shortage of #PPE at the frontlines of care, and a nurse-led effort to address it.

->> Click here to support #PPE for nurses at the front line > GoFundMe Page <<-

Our guest: Rebecca Love, RN, MSN, FIEL

Rebecca is a thought leader on Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship. She designed and built the first nurse innovation program as the Director of Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University in the US, was the first nurse featured on, and is dedicated and passionate about empowering nurses to be at the forefront of healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship.

She is also a Vice President of Optimize RX which provides a unique solution to patient adherence to medications. In a volunteer capacity, Rebecca is the Founder and President of SONSIEL, a charity she founded in which she works alongside an incredible board of nurse leaders to serve nurses across healthcare. 

Click here to Support the #GETTHEMPPE with #SONSIEL #GLOGOOD

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