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If you’ve been tuned into nearly any news channel recently, you’ve probably seen the announcement by Akili about the clearance they announced on June 15 for their product EndeavorRX. It is the first prescription treatment delivered through a video game which is designed to treat Pediatric ADHD. This was quickly followed by an announcement on June 23, 2020 of their CE Mark certification.

Like many of you I’ve been tracking the work and progress at Akili for a long time, and I was excited to hear about this important milestone, and when the Akili team contacted me to see if I wanted to have a closer look at and try Endeavor RX, I couldn’t resist.

I’ve downloaded it to my iPad and gave it a try, and I’m impressed. I can’t speak to the clinical aspects of the product, but based on the standards and expectations that we have from consumer focused products, this was a great experience. It’s well-designed, was easy to get set up, and it uses a great combination of graphics and sounds to engage the player. I love the way they are positioning this with the simple and memorable tagline – “Play your medicine”. That sort of sums it up.

To learn more about the importance of this milestone and go a little deeper behind the headlines, I grabbed a few minutes to connect with Eddie Martucci, the Co-Founder and CEO at Akili Interactive Labs.

Eddie shares what the recent FDA clearance and CE Mark approval mean to the business. We also discuss the commercialization plans, the volume and value of data created by digital tools, and how Digital Medicine and Digital Therapeutics will continue to transform the relationship between companies and people.

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