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Technology is under the microscope, as are the behaviors of the people who develop and deploy it.

As technology impacts virtually every aspect of society, it’s use within the life sciences goes beyond traditional bioethical topics. 

This creates a host of questions for people and businesses working at the forefront of health innovation.

In this episode, hear Nick Bott, Global Head, Bioethics and Technology Ethics at Takeda as we discuss:

  • What is being done to ensure that the decisions around the use of technology for our health and wellbeing are carefully considered and applied? 
  • Whose job is it to address the ethical questions in the development of AI and ML algorithms? 
  • How can life science companies lead the way in setting standards for ethical development?
  • What can we learn from Tony Stark – otherwise known as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
  • What is a ‘consequence scanning workshop’?
  • What is the role of regulation in setting standards and principles?

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