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My guest today is Chaitanya Dahagam. He is a Healthcare Technologist and Global Partner Innovation Executive at IBM Watson Health. He studied medicine at University of Alabama, he was a General Surgery Resident at the University of Texas, and then did what a lot of medically trained people are doing: he went into business. He’s going to tell us all about IBM Watson Health, some of the projects and organizations they are working with, and importantly, how you can find out more and become a partner with Watson Health.

“AI” is a technology and buzzword that is being applied to nearly every industry. As data sets explode, the race is on to find ways to turn the piles of data into meaningful and actionable knowledge. AI holds the key to unlocking the insights that can detect, prevent and cure disease, and IBM Watson is determined to being the locksmith.

As IBM Watson evolves from ‘gameshow celebrity’ to ‘healthcare expert’, there are clear ways that it can be applied to help solve the toughest challenges faced by health providers – but there are also clear ways where it won’t be applied. Tune in to Chaitanya Dahagam as he provides insights into how IBM Watson is being used and the potential it has for future developments.

Today’s Topics:

  • The difference between ‘Augmented Intelligence’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’
  • How IBM Watson uses APIs and data sets
  • The role of AI in clinical decision support versus decision making
  • How to engage in IBM Watson programs for corporates and startups
  • How healthcare professionals can change the practice of healthcare from the outside

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Best first stop:

  1. IBM BlueMix Environment (also the catalog is here)
  2. IBM Watson Health (HIPAA Compliant Solutions)

Other resources:


How It Works: IBM Watson Health

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