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On this episode of Digital Health Today, Yuval Mor, CEO of Beyond Verbal, dives into the research and potential of technology that uses vocal biomarkers to analyze emotions and physical health.

We know that words are powerful and that what you say can be interpreted differently based on how you say it. The insights provided through our speech is getting supercharged thanks to the talented team of innovators at Beyond Verbal, a company based in Israel that can correlate distinct voice features with health conditions and reveal novel vocal biomarkers.

The Mayo Clinic has used their technology in a study about Coronary Artery Disease, and it is also being used for Autism Spectrum disorder and Parkinson’s disease. To tell us more about the science and how it is being applied, I spoke with Yuval Mor, the CEO of Beyond Verbal. Yuval got a degree in Computer Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University and a Management degree from Stanford University. He then worked in various leadership roles focusing on sales and marketing across a range of technology companies.

In this interview, we cover how the company got started, how the technology has been deployed in the commercial environment, and how can be used in healthcare. You’ll also hear about their free app that they have available on iOS and Android. It’s called Moodies, and you can use it to analyze your own speech using their technology. It is very cool, and you’ll want to check it out. And it’s free too; I think you’ll be impressed.

Today’s Topics:

  • Similarities of the startup scenes in Israel and Silicon Valley
  • How the research linking vocal intonations and emotions began
  • The research into physical health and novel vocal biomarkers
  • How other organizations can participate in research using vocal biomarkers
  • A crowdsourced study into the effectiveness of smiles in changing the vocal biomarkers over the phone

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Moodies App by Beyond Verbal (free!): iOS/Apple

Company Website

Beyond Verbal Health Research platform

Beyond Verbal Developers Platform

Beyond Verbal API

Beyond Verbal on Twitter

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