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If you’ve spent any time on the health innovation threads on Twitter, you will no doubt have seen the emoticon-filled tweets of Nick Adkins and the thousands of tweets made around the world with the hashtag #pinksocks. With thousands of tweets, retweets and posts about #pinksocks, it leads many people to ask “what is the real meaning of #pinksocks?” On this podcast, we find out the answer.

Nick Adkins is a former suit wearing executive at Vanderbilt Health Plans and a serial entrepreneur in Nashville. After attending the famous Burning man gathering in Nevada, he traded in the suit and tie for a kilt and his famous #pinksocks. He now resides in Portland, Oregon, where he serves on advisory boards, mentors startups, and you can often find him traveling the world speaking about the importance of making personal connections. Join in the discussion as Nick talks about the transformation he’s taken over the past 7 years, and the insights he provides on how to make healthcare, and life, meaningful and full of impact.

Today’s Topics:

  • Nick’s personal transformation from a suit-wearing COO to a kilt-wearing pink-furry-bike-riding healthcare MBA
  • How the experience of attending burning man changed his life, perspective and mission
  • How ‘gifting’ made an impact on Nick at HIMSS in 2015
  • How Eric Topol helped to kick off the #pinksocks tribe!
  • The true meaning behind the #pinksocks movement

Links and Resources Mentioned:

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