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In this episode I spoke with John Pugh. John is the Health and Life Science Team Leader for Accenture. He describes himself as 100% digital innovator and entirely committed to transforming the Life Science and healthcare industry. We talk about redefining the rules of healthcare, and what he and his colleagues are working on in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Blockchain, Innovation and more. We dive into the program he’s heading called the HealthTech Innovation Challenge and how startups and corporations can participate and benefit. We also talk about some of the information and resources that Accenture has produced and made available to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

John started his career in the music business and got involved in the tech scene when he joined a startup during the first tech boom. He’s here to share his perspective on collaboration, innovation and how creativity can thrive in a constrained and regulated environment. He also shares some insights into the HealthTech Innovation Challenge and how it can help startups and corporates shape the future of health through collaboration.

Topics Covered:

  • John Pugh’s journey from music, to tech startup, to leading digital programs in pharma, and now leading the HealthTech Challenge.
  • How C-Level Executives can engage with startups to create transformative change
  • How healthcare organizations can take responsibility for shaping the future
  • How the HealthTech Innovation Challenge helps startups engage with large corporates
  • How creativity can thrive when working within constraints
  • How design thinking can be applied to solve grand challenges

Links and Resources Mentioned:


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