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In this episode, we speak with another game developer turned healthcare professional. You may remember back on episode 8 we spoke with nurse and master gamer Anna Sort. She’s now running a company based in Barcelona that is helping healthcare companies develop fun and effective tools to engage users. If you haven’t done it yet, I encourage you to go back and listen to that episode, she gives some insights and techniques to achieve what she calls epic wins. You can grab that on

Today, we’re speaking with a surgeon, an orthopaedic surgeon in fact. You may have heard me mention him on the episode 43 with Professor Stefano Bini, a professor of Clinical Orthopaedics at UCSF who runs the DOCSF meeting. In that episode we were talking about digital health tools being developed for orthopaedics, and our guest today is the founder of one of the companies that is doing exactly that.

Our guest is Dr. Justin Barad, he’s the founder and CEO of OssoVR. He’s taken his skill at gaming and game development and applied it to solve a real problem in medical education. In fact, it’s not just for medical education; it has applications from the military, to continuing education, to product training, and more.

Today’s Topics:

  • The strain and pressure on medical education, and in particular surgical education
  • The impact of the training gap and the course to case gap on skills and patient outcomes
  • The three ‘A’s of how patients should choose surgeons (Hint: Availabilty, Affability and Ability)
  • The use of Google and Wikipedia in surgery. (Yes, really.)
  • Results of a study that measured the impact of VR on improving surgical skills
  • Why medical device companies should be care about better ways of training users
  • How better data can improve surgical skills and, ultimately, surgical outcomes

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Revoultionizing Surgical Training and Success with OSSO VR

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