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We think a lot about the things we put into our bodies but there is a relatively new field coming into the spotlight as we learn more about the things that are already in, and on, our bodies. That field is research into the human microbiome. Our guest today tells us about some of the early and most recent developments, and how the data being gathered about the micro organisms living in our bodies can help to develop new treatments to existing conditions, and prevent developing others.

Our guest is Azza Gadir, a scientist working on the Immunology of food allergies at Harvard University/Boston Childrens’ hospital. Her research is focused on the role of the Gut Microbiome in preventing and treating disease. In addition, she is currently serving as a scientific advisor for the startup, Adeo Health Science, a company focused on translating food allergy research into trusted products for parents. Azza was introduced to me by Daisy Robinton, also a researcher at Harvard, who was a guest on episode 23 about gene editing and explains CRISPR/Cas 9. If you haven’t heard that one yet, you can go back and grab that at

When we recorded this episode, Azza explained that the product from the company she’s advising, Adeo Health, was just weeks away from launch. Well, they did launch the product and as this podcast goes live, I wanted to let you know that you can get it now. She explains what it is during the interview (spoiler alert – it’s a baby food that introduces 8 different allergens to infants in solid food), but I did want to let you know that the product is now available. The company name is Adeo Health and their product is called Inspired Start.

Don’t worry about writing down those URLS, you can grab them and all the links we discuss in the show notes – so if you’re in the market for baby food, you can go straight to those sites and get them online.

Today’s Topics:

  • The 4 communities of the human microbiome
  • How the microbiome changes during development, and how it can be affected by variables such as the method of delivery
  • How fecal transplants can dramatically improve survival rates for diseases like C. diff
  • How the microbiome affects our mental health
  • Exciting startups developing new therapeutics through microbiome research
  • How early exposure to allergens can reduce the chances of children developing allergies

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Watch Rob Knight’s TEDx talk video -that’s another thing we discuss in our conversation.

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