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In this episode, we dive into a topic that is changing rapidly and that is the topic of reproductive health. I invited the founders of two companies that have developed technologies to help women and men to measure and improve their reproductive health, and they made a terrific duo on this topic. Lea von Bidder is the co-founder and president of Ava Science, which is the company behind the women’s wearable called Ava Women. Also on the call is Greg Sommer, he’s the founder & chief science officer at Sandstone Diagnostics, that’s the company behind the men’s health product Trak. Between the two of them we cover both sides of the reproductive health equation. They share some great insights on the topic, and the new solutions available to help women and men with easy-to-use, discrete, home-based products that you’ll find interesting.

I always learn something from our guests, and one of the things I learned on this episode is that for men, our overall health is so closed tied to reproductive health that sperm count is actually being called by some the sixth vital sign. Even if you’re not trying to conceive and those days are ahead of or behind you, I’m sure you’ll also learn something from our guests.

Today’s Topics:

  • What are the typical challenges faced by men and women in regards to their fertility
  • How lifestyle (weight, smoking, exercise) affects fertility and how it can be managed to improve fertility
  • The clinical definition of infertility and how many couples are affected by it
  • The huge human and financial cost of infertility, and the inaccessibility of
  • How to address fertility challenges by involving both men and women
  • How conceiving a child is a ‘team sport’ and what can be done do to address both sides of the fertility equation
  • The role of sperm as the ‘sixth vital sign’

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