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In this episode we’re talking about data. We dive into two key aspects of data access. One aspect is about what happens to our health data when we die. Millions of people die each year and the information stored in their lost to their families and future generations.

The other aspect we cover in this episode relates to the popular topic of interoperability – the problem everyone loves to hate! For decades, this has been the subject of countless conferences and meetings and even congressional hearings. We reluctantly accept the fact that our medical records are distributed across various systems and providers, but that poses a real problem both to people who are accessing care, and the people and organizations providing it. It’s not just that it’s inconvenient, it can actually undermine accurate diagnosis and treatment, and negatively impact outcomes.

Seqster is a company that is helping people, and their families, integrate, access, manage, and own all of their available health data in a private and secure system. Seqster is making an impact on the industry, and even being compared to Apple with it’s ambitious goals and relentless execution.

Ardy Arianpour is the CEO & Co-Founder of Seqster, which promotes itself as the first consumer driven healthcare data management platform that enables individuals to aggregate their EHR, genomics and fitness data in one place and share with their family creating a multi-generational health record.

I met Ardy at HIMSS in Las Vegas earlier this year, and I invited him to come on the show and explain how they’ve built this system. He explains how their systems can be accessed by organizations and individuals, and the capabilities and partnerships that are enabling powerful solutions.

Today’s Topics:

  • What got him interested in working on the problem of interoperability of healthcare records
  • The loss of his grandmother, the importance of medical records are and what happens to them after someone dies
  • How Seqster provides access to and integrate health records across disparate systems
  • How Seqster and their partners, bring this solution to market and how individuals and organization can gain access
  • What are the plans going forward and some of the improvements you’ll they’ll be making
  • How and why Seqster created Health Trusts

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