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Corey McCann says he always wanted to name a company after a fruit, and when he and his team saw an opportunity to “pair” drugs and software to treat serious disease and improve patient outcomes, the name Pear Therapeutics was born.

Of course, the other inspiration for the creation of Pear Therapeutics was Genentech, in that Corey and his team wanted to build something big and capitalize on the hundreds of opportunities they see to modify standards of efficacy with software solutions.

Corey, Eugene, and Brian talk about Pear’s early foray into the digital therapeutics space and how Pear’s digital therapies incorporate doctors, nurses, health coaches, and other human counselors. Also, for any entrepreneurs looking to start their own venture, Corey has several pearls of wisdom for you—one of which is to choose your investors and board members very wisely.

Finally, Corey offers his predictions about the future of prescription digital therapeutics and the policy solutions needed to make PDTs viable for all patients.

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