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As a former IBS sufferer, Elena Mustatea knows all too well that our standard model of healthcare does not adequately treat or support people with chronic conditions‚ÄĒespecially digestive conditions. Elena eventually took matters into her own hands and attended a detox retreat in Thailand, which restored her physical and mental well-being and gave her the idea to start Bold Health.

Bold Health is clinically validated and science-backed, and relieves the painful, life-disrupting symptoms of chronic digestive conditions through cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation exercises. This intervention is crucial, because as Elena points out, 75% of the population suffers from GI symptoms in any given week, and 30% of the population has a diagnosable, long-term digestive condition. Digestive and autoimmune conditions are an enormous mental health burden and disproportionately affect women.

Eugene and Elena talk about Elena’s journey from consulting and venture capital to digital therapeutics, Bold Health’s recent RCT results, and Elena’s view on how digital therapeutics and pharma could work together in the future.

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