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In this episode, we hear from Mike Pace, Founder & CEO of PalmHealthco. PalmHealthco provides market access, commercialization, evidence generation and go-to-market executive advisory and strategic consulting services to digital health, biopharmaceutical and medical device firms around the world. 

Mike and I talk about the differences in going to market and the commercial pathways for biopharmaceuticals compared to PDTs. Mike talks about what we are seeing in the marketplace with some of the early PDT trailblazers and the opportunity within the industry that exists for patient centric and value-based care. We discuss the conundrum of pricing PDTs, what other countries are leading the way in the industry… and more!

In this episode, we cover:

  • The work and progress we’ve seen in the marketplace with some of the early trailblazers and leaders
  • Should the DTx industry continue to pursue claims-based reimbursement, or would it be better to jump straight to value-based reimbursement?
  • What is the incremental benefit a digital therapeutic product gains in payment or reimbursement dollars by just labeling itself as a digital therapeutic versus not doing so?
  • How do we build the adoption flywheel for DTx and not have price become an obstacle?

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