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The association between music and medicine has been discussed for decades, and the development of music therapy has been shown to improve outcomes for patients of all ages, and from the immune system to the mind. To tell us more about how music can play a role in digital therapeutics, we hear from Brian Harris, the Co-founder and CEO of MedRhythms.

MedRhythms is a digital therapeutics company focused on the intersection music, neuroscience and technology. They understand that millions of people live with persistent walking deficits due to injury or disease, and, to address the needs of this patient population, MedRhythms is building the world’s first prescription music platform. Thanks to MedRhythms’ partnership with Universal Music Group, they provide patients with therapy via music that they know and enjoy. This enables their digital therapeutics to use music content that is curated and screened via a patented process, which carefully selects and customizes interventions to each user.

Tune in for an interesting discussion that will make you want to sit up and hear the music!

Topics covered:

  • The genesis of MedRhythms – why it all started and going from hospital to home.
  • How music can be used to improve walking following neurologic disease and injury¬†
  • Evidence generation and how it is evolving
  • Why MedRhythms decided to go the route of a PDT (Prescription Digital Therapeutic) rather than a consumer route
  • Let’s talk DTx business: what was the MedRythms original business hypothesis, and how did it change over time? Can you talk about pricing at all?¬†
  • If you were to dissect your deal with Biogen, what is your business hypothesis on how this partnership will make you both money ?
  • MedRhythms partnership with Universal Music Group, and what it means to users
  • and much more!

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